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Luxor Rent to Own HomesHome Ownership = Your key to family stability and financial success!
Given up on home ownership?
To qualify for our Rent to Own program you need:
  • Tax return income of $60,000+
  • Regularly file tax returns
  • Steady employment
  • Owning a home is your top priority
  • Have, or can shortly obtain, a down payment of $3,500
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We realize that many families may not currently qualify under a mortgage lender's underwriting criteria to qualify for a new mortgage loan. Whether due to unusual medical bills, temporary loss of job, or an unavoidable bankruptcy, or other one-time credit blemishes, your family may be facing a situation of long term renting without options. Of course, renting puts your family's financial and emotional condition under the control of your landlord who will likely continue to raisethe rent or not provide adequate maintenance causing your family to move multiple times....
There is a solution!!
If you fit the criteria below, we may help your family find a long term home where you can rent until your credit situation is repaired, then buy the house you are living in!! We'll even help you rebuild your credit on the way and provide you credit toward your future down payment. If your situation changes and you need another location or a custom home, we can build your Custom Dream Home!

At Luxor Homes, we realize every household's history, current situation and needs are unique. That's why the Luxor Homes Family takes a UNIQUELY ACTIVE ROLE IN GUIDING YOU through your many housing options and offers a Customized group of services and products.
Rent To Own

First, a Word of Warning: Many opportunists and scam artists have flooded the market with advertising "rent to own" solutions to take advantage of families in financial stress. We are regularly approached by families who have lost significant monies by investing with inscrupulous or undercapitalized landlords. DO YOUR HOMEWORK before entering any rent-to-own opportunity. How reputable is the Landlord? Are they an active member of their local Better Business Bureau? How long have they been in business? How large is their real estate portfolio? Do they really own the home they want you to rent? How financially sound are they? Many "landlords" are already in financial trouble with their mortgage companies before renting to you. Some quick-money making schemes involve the landlords renting out other peoples homes and keeping the cash flow for themselves. In any case, we hear story after story about families losing their investment and time resulting in their being evicted! Don't be a victim! Partner yourself with a proven, reputable, and solid professional...
parter with Luxor Homes.

Owning Your Home is the Key to Your Financial Prosperity!

See Invest in Yourself for an analyses of the financial benefits of owning your own home.

Repair Your Credit While Renting

Credit Boss
The Luxor Homes rent to own program includes in-house credit repair from Credit Boss.
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